► SPECTRUM 2018 - June 1st and 2nd!
The Spectrum Festival is a community based festival that celebrates the beginning of sunshine and summertime in our city of Medicine Hat. Join us for live music, entertainment, great food, and good old-fashioned fun for all ages!

Hope to see you there!
"It's a weekend of fun, with a rainbow of entertainment ..."

Map & Contact

Stay Tuned for Location and Dates for Spectrum Sunshine Festival 2018!



Chair:  Kevin McGimpsey
Email:  kevin@spectrumfestival.ca

Retail Vendors:  Melissa Stockton
Email:  melissa@spectrumfestival.ca

Food Vendors:  Susan McGimpsey
Email:  susan@spectrumfestival.ca


Or email us via our handy online webform:

Spectrum Festival 2018

Friday, June 1st
Saturday, June 2nd

Today's Time & Date

Fri., Mar. 23rd - 8:31:31 am
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Registration Forms for the 2018 Spectrum Festival are forthcoming.  Please check back in 2018!