► SPECTRUM 2018 - June 1st and 2nd!
The Spectrum Festival is a community based festival that celebrates the beginning of sunshine and summertime in our city of Medicine Hat. Join us for live music, entertainment, great food, and good old-fashioned fun for all ages!

Hope to see you there!
"It's a weekend of fun, with a rainbow of entertainment ..."

Global eXpressions

Global eXpression Dance Studio is Medicine Hat Only Hip Hop and Breakdance focused Dance Studio. Founded in 2009, GX Dance Studio offers year long classes for ages 3-Adult. They offer Summer Camps and workshops in all 4. elements of Hip Hop: 1. Bboying/Bgirling 2. MCing 3. DJing and 4. Graffiti.  Check outwww.gxdancestudio.com for more info.

Spectrum Festival 2018

Friday, June 1st
Saturday, June 2nd

Today's Time & Date

Fri., Mar. 23rd - 8:29:45 am
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Registration Forms for the 2018 Spectrum Festival are forthcoming.  Please check back in 2018!